1 May 2017

Last week our team attended Great Neighbourhoods 2017 - Australia's first summit on community-led placemaking. At the one-day summit we previewed Park It - a 10 step video and guide we've been working on to help communities turn their grey spaces green. The guide was developed in partnership with the hosts on the day, The Neighbourhood Project.

This how-to-guide brings together two of The Plan projects, How to Create a Community Action Plan and How to Get Your Park ApprovedPark It features case studies of local residents working together to revitalise and reinvent the under-utilised grey spaces around them. The 10 steps include how to garner support in your neighbourhood, who to talk to at council and how to make it fun for everyone involved. Park it will be launched amongst our broader network later this week.

This will be a helpful tool for you to share with community groups who are eager to increase the green spaces around them but are unsure how to navigate the process.




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Plant Life Balance is thriving

1 December 2017

The Plant Life Balance campaign has been in market for one month and continues to grow from strength to strength. The campaign is made up of the Plant Life Balance app, 5 x outdoor and 2 x indoor inspirational looks and the Simple Science, and has been supported by a strong PR and media campaign.

Plant Life Balance has launched!

2 November 2017

On October 30, the Plant Life Balance campaign launched online and in-store in 100 retail nurseries across Australia. The response from consumers has been overwhelmingly positive and the campaign has received great coverage from a range of online media outlets.