31 May 2017

What is place making? It is the collaborative process of creating environments that people are attracted to, and have ownership of to ensure that it is well used and well loved. For a green space to become popular and well loved, people need to be able to connect with it. This is why 202020 Vision worked with Kylie Legge, Director of Place Partners and all round place making expert, to identify the various ways people connect with green spaces.

The top five ways in which people connect with green space
1) Belonging – opportunities for human to human connection
2) Wellbeing – passive and active recreation
3) Inspiration – connection to something bigger than yourself
4) Play – fun and active socialisation
5) Nourish – food and community

We then identified parks across Australia that were good examples within each of these categories. For example, Queensland’s Buderim Urban Food Street provides nourishment to its surrounding community and Western Australia’s McCallum Park contributes to its visitors well-being as it is a go-to for the active people of Perth.

National street press publication Time Out was chosen to get the message out to the community that green space is important to people on a variety of levels. They have published all 40 of our park profiles as well as three separate feature stories on why green space is so important to place making. The aim of this partnership was to increase awareness amongst the community and decision-makers that there are a range of ways you can think about a space. These content pieces will also be valuable resources to share with councils in their development of new and more tailored green spaces for communities.




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