202020 Vision Special Report - The Australian

1st April 2015

  • 202020 Vision Special Report

    202020 Vision Special Report

A special report released last Friday March 20th in The Australian, brought together the shared efforts of many of our partners and green space advocates.

The articles included in The Australian were:

Climate-change planning heats up
Major research institutes have come together and developed climate change projections to help effectively plan for our future.

Sustainable design prioritises use of green space, vegetation
Redevelopments at Curtin University have deemed it the ‘first Australian project to receive a 5-star Communities rating’, a huge accomplishment for both green space and Curtin University.

Campus oasis serves as model for the future
The Global Change Institute building at the University of Queensland is paving the way for the future of office buildings and student study facilities through their innovative use of green space.

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