Urban Forests still hot on council agendas

23rd June

As part of our ongoing efforts to support and facilitate the growth of Urban Forests all over Australia, we recently held a Urban Forest Masterclass in partnership with Parks & Leisure Australia, Queensland on the Sunshine Coast.

Approximately 50 people attended the Masterclass with representatives from the QLD State Government, Local Government Association Queensland, local government (including Moreton Bay Regional Council, Toowoomba Regional Council, Brisbane City Council, Townsville City Council, Noosa Shire Council, Cairns Regional Council, Redlands City Council, the Sunshine Coast Council, Ipswich City Council), property group Lendlease, The Property Council and representatives from the green sector.

Similarly to Masterclasses held in other states, the agenda focussed on the adoption of the best practice urban forestry methodology developed in collaboration with the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and used in conjunction with the 202020 Vision’s How to Grow an Urban Forest workbook. Throughout the day QLD-based experts bought this guide to life through the delivery of local case studies, discussion, and new research.

Highlights included:

Peter Skinner’s presentation “Queensland is different…Or is it?” where he suggests it’s time to reimagine ‘The Queenslander’ as part of a more adaptive and liveable version of a suburb.

Lyndal Plant shared insights into how and why leafy streets increase property prices, and how this can become a driver for urban forestry for local governments.

Professor Richard Fuller spoke about his research into what the correct ‘dose’ of urban nature might be.

During technical sessions Adrian Crocetti, Dr Sudipto Roy, Dr Jennifer Mullaney, and Professor Roger Jones got into the nitty gritty of technical specifications for green space – from the benefits of permeable pavements, flood mitigation techniques, species selection data and making the economic case for more plants and trees.

The attendees were also privy to some outstanding and very practical case studies from Mandy Rounsefell on how Toowoomba Regional Council negotiated their open space planning for leafier streets and from Sarah Nunn & Toby Clewett on how the Sunshine Coast Council are overcoming heat through increased canopy cover. Finally Dr Jason Byrne shared research insight into prevalent attitudes toward climate change.

All presentations have been uploaded to the the 202020 Vision Resources Hub.

Over the coming weeks there will be a great deal of conversation happening via the 202020 Vision LinkedIn group, so if there's something you'd like to raise or contribute to, please do. 

The 202020 Vision thanks all of speakers and participants with a special thanks to Tracy and Marty from PLA for having us in Queensland. 






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