202020 Vision Announced as Banksia Award Winner

Last Wednesday evening the 202020 Vision was announced as the winner of the Banksia Sustainable Cities Award, the award commended the efforts of the Vision to bring together over 350 organisations in the effort to increase urban green space by 20% in Australia by 2020. The Banksia Sustainable Cities Award recognises those who are planning, designing, implementing, retrofitting and/or building the necessary infrastructure, technology and/or solutions for their city to adapt, grow and thrive sustainably in a changing environment.

The Banksia Foundation was founded in 1989 by a diverse group of 44 Australians who shared a common goal to do more to support and recognise members of the community for their positive contribution to the environment. It now runs an annual awards ceremony that culminates in the premier awards night for the industry.

Other winners on the evening included The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor by Carbon Neutral in partnership with Auscarbon, John West Seafood, Natural Evolution, AshOil and fellow B Corp Sendle.


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