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About this organisation

The Green Infrastructure (GI) Project is a collaborative partnership working together with government, industry and community towards the achievement of our vision: South Australians living in healthy, resilient and beautiful landscapes that sustain and connect people with plants and places.

The GI Project is supported by the following organisations:
● Renewal SA

● The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

● The Department of Environment, Water and natural Resources

● Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources.

Our aims are to ensure Green Infrastructure is embraced as an integral element of the urban landscape, contributing to both community and ecosystem health and wellbeing.

We also wish to improve the capacity in government, industry and community for the development and maintenance of Green Infrastructure; and to facilitate the incorporation of Green Infrastructure within an integrated approach to urban design and development.

Our team  is  working on a number of projects in the areas of research and knowledge development, advocacy and awareness, plus capacity building, partnerships and collaboration. We are also keen to promote exemplar projects that demonstrate excellence in sustainable urban landscapes.

Why we support the vision

More trees means more healthy, liveable and sustainable urban environments. By encouraging these projects we will build greater resilience to environmental, social and economic challenges. We’ll also be more responsive to growth, health, climate change issues, as well as and biodiversity loss, water use, energy and food security.