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The Legislation & Regulation Wishlist

If you had a policy wand, what would you do?

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Completed June 2016


Similar to planning laws, general legislation as it relates to green space is both varied, complex and operational at a local, state and federal level. Rather than interrogating each solution in its minutiae, the Tour suggests that we capture this information so that it is accessible to all (including policy makers!) and let our collective network knowledge determine which legislative tweaks would bring about the most urban green space.

The Legislation & Regulation Wishlist is an aggregation of policy tweaks at a local, state, and federal level that members of the 202020 Vision community would love to be adapted and changed, or done better.


We work with relevant parties to create a simple guide for legislators, which shows popular support for key legislation changes.


  • Provides the 202020 Vision network with an insight into what other network members are thinking and paying attention to that at a policy level.
  • Helps prioritise changes.
  • Provides an ongoing record that policy makers can access at any time to become inspired or gauge general attitudes and perceptions of our network.


Maggie Hine, Onkapringa, SA. Anthony Kimpton, University of Queensland, QLD. Elizabeth Alcorn, City of Melbourne, VIC. Joanne Smith, PLA WA, WA. Jana Soderland, CUSP, WA. Rod Goodbun, City Green, VIC. Bernadette May, Moreton Bay Regional Council, QLD. Angela Reeve, QUT, QLD. Robert Prince, NGIA, NSW. Brett Skyring, Panther Consultant Planners, QLD. Clare Lombardi, City West Water, VIC. Louise Orr, SEQ Catchments, QLD. Sheryn Pitman, GI Project, SA. David Martin, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, NSW. Rob Didcoe, DSR, WA. Michael Smit, Rainwater Harvesting, QLD. Angela Reeve, QUT, QLD. Daniel Croule, QLD. Sky Allen, DPTI, SA. Alvin Kirby, City of Gold Coast, QLD. Jon Strachan, City of Fremantle, WA. Rachel Hornsby, City of Kingston, VIC. Millie Wells, Whitehorse City Council, VIC. Rosie Smith, WA. Erin Harrison, EMRC, WA. Angela Reeve, QUT, QLD. Steven Wells, Austin Health, VIC. Odile Pouliquen-Young, Curtin University, WA. Gerhard Grasser, Tree Preservation Australia, VIC. D’arcy Hodgkinson, JBA, WA. Anna Foley, National Trust, VIC. Paula Hooper, UWA, WA. Cassandra Brown, City of Gold Coast, QLD. Jon Strachan, City of Fremantle, WA. Katherine Rekanis, Katherine Rekanis Landscapes, VIC. Stephen Elford, Enviro Span, VIC. Suzie Turner, Pracsys, WA. Josh Byrne, JBA, WA. Hannah Schwartz, 3000 Acres, VIC. Cecille Weldon, LJ Hooker, SA. Carolyn Anderson, Uni SA, SA. Pierre Quesnel, UDLA, WA. Kim Merkwell, E2DesignLab, QLD. Rachel Pemberton, City of Fremantle, WA. Lyndal Plant, UQ, Brisbane City Council, QLD. Skye Allen, DPTI, SA. Clare Mouat, University of Western Australia, WA. Glenn Williams, Treenet, SA.