Dr Joanne Jakovich

Dr Joanne Jakovich specialises in collaborative innovation and its application to urbanism ventures, higher education and urban planning. She is director of SOUP, the Strategic Open Urbanism platform, a startup dedicated to transforming the way we collaboratively develop our cities. She is also Co-Founder of Big World Homes, a new community-driven affordable housing initiative.

During her 12 years in academia, Joanne co-founded the UTS innovation lab, ‘U.Lab’, and was responsible for a new generation of urban innovation projects (Groundbreaker, BikeTank, CitySwitch, CrowdShare Sydney) that engaged thousands of urban professionals and public experts in design thinking workshops for cities.

She holds a Doctor in Philosophy (Architecture) from the University of Sydney and a Masters in Environmental Studies from the University of Tokyo. Joanne consults to government and corporate organisations on a diverse range of design thinking and community engagement topics.

  • Expertise areas: Design Thinking, Citizen Engagement in Planning, Peer-to-Peer Urbanism, Collective Action, Community Design