Tonia Gray

As a senior member in the Centre for Educational Research at UWS, Associate Professor Tonia Gray researches our estranged human-nature relationship and its impact on child development and well-being, an area known as Eco-pedagogies. For over 25 years, Tonia has written extensively on nature-based practices in teacher education and has been an advocate of infusing outdoor and ‘green’ learning experiences into Australia’s National Curriculum renewal process. 

Tonia speaks both nationally and internationally on the need for children to be actively engaged in natural settings or green spaces and her support for the 202020 vision is inextricably linked to her teaching philosophy.  Tonia’s wish-list for Australian schools is for: more trees to be planted in concrete or asphalt playgrounds; aspects of biophilic design to be incorporated into planning phases; and teachers to get children outside into ‘green’ classrooms.  

  • Expertise areas: Health, wellbeing, biophilia.