Matthew Daniel

With 20 years' global experience in Arboriculture, Matthew is a leading expert in the field of organic, ecological sustainable plant health care. Matthew has developed an integrated approach through training and experience to understand how to better manage urban trees including improving their health, performance, life expectancy and recovery from damage/sickness/toxic environments. 

As an arborist Matthew was invited, under a USA science visa, to participate in a skill share program on Plant Health Care in Boston. He has presented at national and international forums and initiatives leading a focus on soil and plant health as an integral part of urban forestry. In addition, Matthew is a consultant in the field of soil biology and has applied this knowledge and experience to Arboriculture. He is a passionate advocate for developing urban forests based on scientific principles and thorough data collection. 

Matthew is a Directing Partner of Tree Preservation Australia and is currently working collaboratively on an international global research project into soil health and measuring plant function.