Mark Paul

Since childhood Mark has been passionate about greening cities and reclaiming the built environment one square meter at a time. Horticulturist and founder of The Green Wall Company, Mark created Australia's first green wall over 30 years ago – which is still living and breathing today. To date, Mark and his team have recovered thousands of sqm's in a number of countries as well as Australia but need the help and support of the 202020 Vision community to significantly increase the scale of works in the coming years that could truly make an impact on home soil.

Mark’s vision is to reducing cost, make cities more liveable and more sustainable while protecting biodiversity. He has travelled the world to see plant and ecology adaptions in habitats similar to city environments and learn from other countries policies and economic drivers that are leading the way in greening cities.He has also consulted for a number of city councils both in Australia and internationally and was most recently sought out to work on public works projects in San Francisco. He is also responsible for the school community PET Bottle Green wall Project which has the potential for a national roll out with the right support and funding. It is currently supported by the Australian Institute of Horticulture and Landcare Australia with pilot projects in Brazil and New Zealand.

  • Expertise areas: Community, Eco-Systems, Aesthetics and Amenity, Heat Effects and Energy savings, Biophilia, biodiversity + conservation in propagation, recycling/reuse
  • Blogs: The Green Wall Company