Jen Guice

Jen Guice has spent a couple of decades fighting the good fight for environmental justice. Her work at Penrith City Council in developing the Cooling the City Strategy in 2015 was seminal. Working on an extremely tight budget, Jen and her team were incredibly savvy in terms of how they acquired and translated data, understood and communicated the concerns of their local community, and created a plan that is smart, achievable, widely supported and working to make Western Sydney a better place to live.

Currently Jen is working for the City of Sydney where she has harnessed her people skills as Senior Project Manager, Community Consultation. Key to her portfolio of engagement projects are the City’s environmental and sustainability strategies, including the Urban Forest Strategy. Jen is helping to develop relationships, build understanding across the organisation, and create new ways to communicate the complexities of urban forest management in a big city to increase and improve green infrastructure. Whether she is in the city or out west, Jen’s passion for making city’s cool and green is inspirational.