Vanessa Trowell

Vanessa believes that green public spaces are the life support of our cities. And she should know. After having worked in Edinburgh, London and LA she has chosen to pursue her passion for urban design here in Australia.

Formally trained in urban design and human geography and well-versed in landscape architecture, Vanessa fuses her trans-disciplinary knowledge to evolve the quality of public space in Australia.

Currently, her focus is on inspiring a new generation of city thinkers and urbanists as Director of Archikidz – an initiative designed to engage kids through participation, education and celebration, to enhance the inclusivity, sustainability and creativity of our cities.

Further to this, Vanessa tutors at the University of New South Wales in the Masters of Urban Development and Design Program, where she focuses on strategic and innovative design as a means by which to develop the next generation of urban designers entrusted to build the cities of the future.