Cathy Oke

Dr. Oke’s role as Knowledge Broker at the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Research (CAUL) Hub, part of the National Environmental Science Programme, positions her as a keystone between Commonwealth Government funding, researchers, and people working toward better green space at a local level.

Research being undertaken by CAUL HUB is done so with a comprehensive view of whole city sustainability, including a focus on strong liveability outcomes. To help achieve this ambition, Cathy works with an interdisciplinary team that possess research, knowledge-translation and data sharing skills; covering the breadth of what makes cities work. One of Cathy’s tasks is to connect these capabilities with policy makers, industry and citizens.

Cathy just happens to also be a dedicated local government councillor for the City of Melbourne, using her ecological understanding of how to enhance livability in our urban environments in a well-researched and evidence-based way. 

At the City of Melbourne, Cr Oke is Chair of the transport portfolio and Deputy Chair of the Environment portfolio, and represents Council on the Regional and Global committees of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

Combining the theoretical with the practical, the federal with the local, Cathy plays a seminal role in bridging gaps to create a thorough, concerted and effective approach to overcoming the knowledge barriers that prevent more and better green space in our cities.