Yvonne Lynch

Yvonne is an urban climate change strategist and communications expert. She has recently been appointed as Team Leader for Future Melbourne. Prior to that, she led City of Melbourne’s multidisciplinary Urban Forest & Ecology Team.

The work of the team under Yvonne’s leadership has been recognised and awarded nationally and internationally for its progressive approach to urban forestry, climate adaptation to cool the city by 4°C and citizen participation.

 A core component of Yvonne’s work is focused on combining cutting edge research with civic engagement, in order to develop innovative and beneficial solutions and strategies for the City’s future.

She has led some of the City’s most progressive environmental policies and initiatives on climate change adaptation, urban ecology, urban forestry, sustainable buildings and initiating Melbourne's first urban BioBlitz. 

Yvonne’s most innovative initiatives include Melbourne’s urban forest visual, which enables the community to ‘email a tree’. The Integrated Climate Adaptation Model for Melbourne is a digital decision making tool designed in collaboration with University of Melbourne, and the Economic Framework for Green Infrastructure produced in collaboration with Victoria University.