James Bichard

Over the last couple of years, Canberra has become kinda cool – and not in a chilly August morning kind of way. One contributing factor to this is the activation of the NewActon precinct in which James Bichard, as Development Manager for the Molonglo Group, has played a key role.

Beyond the international recognition for excellence that the Nishi Building and Hotel have received for sustainability and design, the incorporation of green space into the precinct has been widely praised.

A generous provision of green space through canopy coverage and mature trees, community gardens and lawns adorn the precinct. James worked hard to ensure an enormous vertical garden, that sprawls the eleven storeys of the Nishi Building, was integrated into the architecture; to bring bio-diversity adjacent to the office staff working above.

Combined with this, James and the Molonglo Group’s commitment to collaboration between architects, landscape architects, local craftspeople, artists, government and the community has resulted in a much-loved public asset on what is ultimately private land.