Scott Glassborow

Based in the City of Belmont, one of Perth’s most rapidly growing urban council areas, Scott Glassborow is working hard to ensure that the increased density does not come at the cost of liveability and living infrastructure.

For the past few years Scott and an Urban Forest working group have been collaborating closely within council bodies to build the case for urban forestry efforts internally and within the wider community. Managing significant but competing priorities for use of space, including access to housing for a growing population, community lifestyle values and rapid development, the team has worked hard to formalise the advancement and increase in canopy cover within the City’s municipal area.

Through using a range of mapping techniques, engagement and excellent communication, the need for the Urban Forest Strategy and value of a thriving urban forest has been clearly articulated. This has focused on supporting the livelihoods, lifestyles and health of the City’s diverse community.

Since the Urban Forestry Strategy was endorsed by the City of Belmont, the City has been generous and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with other local council staff, which has in turn contributed to a growing movement toward green infrastructure in Perth.