James Bentley

One may well ask ‘what is a green space person doing working at a bank?’ Simply put, it’s about understanding risk and opportunity.

James’s role at NAB is to elevate the tangible values of natural capital into the way NAB does business. Natural capital describes all the earth’s living things, the ecosystems that support them and the valuable services they deliver like clean air, water, food and fibre. To NAB natural capital underpins our economy, however because it often isn't traded in markets it is considered invisible.

To James, it is still incredibly important that decisions account for the impact on our natural capital. NAB customers, particularly those in agriculture, who invest in natural capital are more resilient and profitable over time. James' role is in understanding the benefits of natural capital for customers and ensuring NAB's decisions support them to invest in building natural capital. This includes everything from access to clean water, pollination by bees, waste systems, and resilience of cities. 

Over the coming years, NAB will work closely with industry leaders and their customers to increase resilience, by accounting for the availability of clean water, investing in biodiversity, and putting a value on conservation.