Tina Perinotto

As Founder, Publisher and Managing Editor of The Fifth Estate, Tina Perinotto continues to play a precious role in finding, interrogating and disseminating information about the built and living environment.

Since 2009, The Fifth Estate has become essential reading for business people, investors, designers, consultants, government officials and politicians working towards a more sustainable  built environment.

She has also facilitated and spoken at a number of industry events, including most recently a recent presentation at University of Technology Sydney, a series of talks at University of Sydney. Furthermore, and in November Tina hosted a salon in London on climate bonds alongside Sean Kidney, CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative, the UK Green Building Council and the Better Buildings Partnership. Attendees included Lloyds Bank and a representative of the UK Government’s urban regeneration finance unit.

Tina’s eye for news and dedicated following mean that she will continue to raise the profile and stature of living infrastructure for years to come.