John Stanley

John Stanley is a consultant, conference speaker and author in the horticulture and small farm and food sector. John Stanley is a CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional) and as such, is classed as one of the top 10% of speakers in the world today.  

He has a Nuffield Scholarship and a Advanced and National Diploma in Horticulture from the UK.

He travels the world several times a year and is therefore fully aware of trends as they are forming and has the knack of being able to interpret those trends and the ideas for the local market. As an international consultant he can keep clients up to date on ideas and concepts gleaned from around the world and adapted to suit the local climate, culture, economy and lifestyle.

John is the author of "Food Tourism" published in 2015 by CABI.

John is an expert in the agro-tourism aspects of green space. Urban agriculture is a growth area that interests him.