Justin Scott-Rogers

Justin, a qualified horticulturist and owner of A Greener View Gardens is passionate about greening the view of his customers, especially those living in higher density environments and those spending most of their working hours indoors.

My passion for horticulture and green space stretches back to when I was young and able to have my own veggie patch in the back yard. When I first left home and moved into a unit I lost all that space for growing plants, which was pivotal to me specialising in indoor and balcony gardens

 For over 10 years my online nursery has been providing high quality garden products and plants, delivered to your door and reducing the carbon footprint.

We offer our clients the convenience of choosing plant & garden ready packages online, designed to suit individual environments, style, taste & budgets.

Specialists in balcony and indoor gardens, landscape design, build and provider of holistic garden maintenance services for residential, strata and commercial, A Greener View Gardens is backed by industry qualifications, affiliations and many years of experience. 

Our vision is to green the view of those finding themselves surrounded by walls and closed in spaces, by delivering the health and aesthetic benefits that only plants can provide.


Green space is what I grew up with, have a business in and enjoy, so I feel for those who do not have it surrounding them on a daily basis, in their homes and offices. I understand the health and wellbeing benefits that plants provide and seek to educate individuals and businesses of these benefits by surrounding themselves with green space. A Greener View Gardens are experienced in all forms of garden and landscape design, build and maintenance however are keenly focused on balcony and indoor plants as a specialty.