Tanya McKenna

Tanya is an expert in sustainability, green infrastructure, biophilic urban design and environmental management. She is currently the Senior Environmental Consultant at 360 Environmental. Her interests are green infrastructure and biophilic design, urban renewal and liveability in the urban space and sustainable tourism. 

The greatest challenge and most rewarding project that Tanya has been a part of is the completion of the #natureinspiredecohouse - a long-time vision and goal to build a sustainable residential home in inner city Perth. The house is centred around biophilic design, incorporating a green roof, renewable energy, recycled construction materials and eco interiors with an abundance of greenery into a liveable, sustainable, urban home.  Completed with her sister and Architect, Carla Karsakis of Etica Studio, the design is based on Scandinavian and brutalist Brazilian architecture, inspired by extensive travel and their vision for green, sustainable futures utilising recycled and self-sourced materials wherever possible. 

In her role at 360 Environmental Tanya is currently leading the direction of the City of Wanneroo's Local Biodiversity Strategy for 2017 to 2022 by prioritising the protection of biodiversity and urban green space through environmental planning processes. 

  • Expertise areas: sustainability, green infrastructure, biophilic urban design, liveability, environmental management