Janine Mendel

Janine is an expert in residential landscape design and specialises in compact gardens. She is interested in improving  the green space and canopy cover in Perth and surrounds from the bottom up. That is: Consulting and designing residential gardens with the view of improving the streetscape, lowering the heat island effect and creating liveable, walkable  streets, suburbs and cities. Encouraging my clients to recognise and value their innate connection with nature even in the smallest of spaces. Helping people to understand the aesthetic and restorative benefits of having plants and trees in their garden.


The greatest challenge she faces in her work is the lack of good urban planning and architecture in Perth coupled with the lacklustre efforts of local government and local councils to really ‘get it’.

 Janine is always working on a constant stream of residential designs for both new and existing houses. She has designed more than 1500 WA gardens, many of which have won awards and been featured in magazines, online and in overseas publications.

  • Expertise areas: Residential landscape design, compact gardens