Jock Gammon

Trained as a horticulturist with studies in Environmental Science, Jock loves plants and understands how to ensure their survival in Australian urban environments and their power at making cites more liveable. As the Managing Director of Junglefy, he works closely with clients to ensure that living infrastructure projects can be realised in a cost effective and low risk manner.

Being a natural innovator, Jock developed the award-winning ‘Junglefy Breathing Wall’, an active green wall system, scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter. Jock continues to challenge the status quo, through investing in research and the science behind the Junglefy Breathing Wall and other new technologies. His desire to create a better place for future generations is helping to shape the living infrastructure market both locally and globally.

Jock is an expert in living infrastructure projects and is interested in using research and the biological power of plants to enhance our cities. 

Jock and the Junglefy team are currently working on the world's first Breathing Wall car park.