Strategy for Year 4

1 August 2016

Last week we sent out an eDM detailing the 202020 Vision's Year 4 strategy which hopefully you have all had a chance to read.

In Year 4 the 202020 Vision team is looking at how our audiences contribute to the goal of more and better green space. We have broken down our audiences into separate streams so we can focus on each separately in our goal towards 2% more green space year on year (+CPI).

The Living Network: Maintains the movement in the media, in order to promote the benefit of trees and plants. Also connects individuals and organisations with the ability to influence green space. 

Government: Influences all levels of government, encouraging the implementation of green space.

Business: In conjunction with Hort Innovation, launches the first series of funded projects as part of the Green Cities strategic co-investment fund. The goal of this stream is to engage key business partners and to also identify / respond to barriers against green space through R&D. 

Schools: Extends the successful My Park Rules program, to connect communities with the tools and funding they need to purchase plants and trees. 

Consumer: To build up the benefits around health and wellbeing, and sell the benefits of plants and trees in a new and interactive way. 

202020 Vision training / Capacity Building program: Liaise with 202020 Vision key stakeholders (State Nursery & Garden Industry Association CEO’s, current extension representatives, NGIA CEO, board members and key staff) to ensure advocacy and extension of the 202020 Vision program to all facets of the nursery industry.

As this is a top-line overview of the strategy, we encourage you to visit, or re-visit the Growers' Hub for more extensive details on the strategy.

It is also a timely reminder to save the Growers' Hub link in your favourites so you can access the important monthly grower updates, which provide more detail on all the 202020 Vision activities.




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