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VicRoads Tree Planting Policy

Tree planting creates a tangible sense of place and enhances amenity. Trees reduce heat retention in urban areas, create attractive streetscapes that encourage walking and cycling, and are a highly valued aspect of neighbourhood character. Trees contribute to greener neighbourhoods which deliver positive public health, environmental and social benefits to the community. VicRoads has historically been seen as an impediment to the implementation of boulevards and tree planting. This policy has been developed through extensive collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure that VicRoads policy position is in line with community and government expectations. This policy supports greener healthier environments and facilitates a safe and efficient road network, by enabling tree planting in the road reserve under certain conditions. This policy will continue to be reviewed to remain consistent with community expectations and emerging evidence regarding the benefits provided by trees and regarding road safety impacts.

Author: VicRoads
Published date: 26/02/2015
Research type: Policy


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