What's The Story?

A developer's guide to getting a green development approved.

Plants and trees. They can make a development amazing, but it’s not as easy as just designing them in. All the stakeholders need to be brought along on the journey 

We asked people in development companies what their biggest challenges are to creating green space in their developments. They told us, getting others to buy into their vision - inside and their own organisation.

We surveyed 246 employees of GBCA member organisations to find out how the development industry speaks and thinks. We also surveyed 1,000 community members from across Australia to understand how they think and speak as well. We supported this research with analysis of 100 council greening strategies and 60 news stories to identify key themes and language used. 

This researched showed three key aspects to successfully bringing along stakeholders on the green space journey: knowing your audience, understanding their needs and making sure the story fulfils that need. 

This guide uses real world examples to outline the barriers developers may come across and shows how some green developments solved these challenges - by knowing how to tell the right story in the right way.