Where are all the trees?

12 August 2014

  • Where are all the trees?

    Where are all the trees?

The 202020 Vision aims to increase urban green space by 20% by 2020. 

To do that, we needed to know how much green space there is already. 

Where are all the trees? is a summary of the study we conducted with the Institute for Sustainable Futures at The University of Technology Sydney to create Australia's first national baseline measurement of tree canopy cover. 

The study uses iTree and satellite imaging to analyse 139 urban local government areas and create a baseline of current canopy cover - one key indicator of urban green space.

We hope this report serves as a good starting point for conversation and collaboration between councils, developers and decision makers to better understand the existing tree canopy in their local areas and guidance on how to measure it. 

Download your own copy from our research section and find out about the tree canopy cover in your area. 


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