The Top 10 Achievements of the 202020 Vision so far...

We are coming to the end of the calendar year and we wanted to take a moment to take stock on the top 10 achievements of the 202020 Vision so far.

1. Back in 2014, we released the 202020 Vision Plan - Off the back of the national Growing the Seeds Tour, we developed a framework of 20 proven, scalable and replicable solutions to the top barriers to more and better green space. This was the first orchestrated approach to greening that included collaboration and capacity building on a national scale.

2. Since then, we've helped get urban greening into the national conversation - To date we have achieved over 1169 media stories with a circulation of 60,891,950 people (Not including Plant Life Balance).

3. Measured Australia's canopy twice - Initially this was done in Where Are All The Trees?in 2014 and was recently followed up with Where Should All The Trees Go? which also incorporated socio-economic (SEIFA) and heat data.

4. We released the How to Grow an Urban Forest Workbook - Following it's release we undertook masterclasses in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, the Sunshine Coast and Adelaide. Each masterclass featured talks from national and local green space experts and in total was attended by over 600 people.

5. We've launched 10+ tools and resources to overcome the most common barriers to urban greening - These have ranged from Where Should All The Trees Go? an update on canopy coverage in Australia all the way to Green People are from Mars, Engineers are from Venus, a discussion paper on interdisciplinary collaboration.

6. We've created a collaborative network of over 426 organisations and 4500 individuals - this is activated through this monthly newsletter and also over on LinkedIn, head over and join the conversation!

7. We ran My Park Rules - a national school greening competition that was entered by over 100 schools. The judging was completed by high-profile advocates Lucy Turnbull, Tonia Gray and Josh Byrne. The winning park at Marrickville Public School was officially opened in October 2017.

8. We launched both The Black Book of Green People and The Directory of Good Design in partnership with The Australian - ultimately connecting the right people within the industry to streamline cross-collaboration and promoting innovation and excellence in design. 

9. Won the Banksia Sustainable Cities Award in 2016 - The Banksia Sustainable Cities Award recognises those who are planning, designing, implementing, retrofitting and/or building the necessary infrastructure, technology and/or solutions for their city to adapt, grow and thrive sustainably in a changing environment.

10. And, this year, we launched the Plant Life Balance campaign  including Australia's first ever virtual greening app which aims to inspire people to green their homes - The first app in Australia that aims to get people greening their small spaces, changing the landscape of Australia one plant at a time.

We also want to say a huge thank you to our network for your ongoing support, engagement and knowledge sharing. 

We have a lot of exciting plans in store for 2018, be sure to keep an eye out for our third national tour, this time focusing on implementation and next steps on the urban forestry journey.


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