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About this organisation

The City of Vincent is very interested in improving the amenity value and usability of green spaces within its urban environments. As an inner-city Council, a challenge we face is acquiring additional area for green spaces; therefore it is imperative that we concentrate on getting the most from the spaces we have.

The City is currently compiling a strategy titled ‘Vincent Greening Plan’ which includes increasing canopy cover, biodiversity, and developing green corridors for our native fauna. The City hopes to increase the canopy cover by approximately 20% with the implementation of the action outlined in the strategy.

Streetscapes have been a key focus for Vincent for some time now. Many arterial roads have been earmarked for a renovation which will include the installation of thousands of trees and shrubs all over the City.

Why we support the vision

Trees are an invaluable asset to any community - offering extensive environmental, social, economic, sustainable and practical value. The 202020 Vision is a great new way to help capture the importance and value of trees and usable green spaces within our local communities.