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About this organisation

Corkery consulting is a team of professional consultants who help create engaging and functional public spaces and infrastructure. To do this, we assess the cultural, historical, social, environmental and climatic contexts of our projects, to offer sustainable, inspiring solutions.

Recent projects include the Tallawarra Lands Landscape Plan and Open Space Strategy, the Newcastle City Bypass from Sandgate to Shortland, the Bateau Bay Sporting Complex, as well as upgrades to Cowpasture Road and Camden Valley Way.

All of these projects involve significant tree planting strategies and the engagement of numerous stakeholders.

Why we support the vision

More trees means…
● Lower urban air temperatures
● Cleaner environments by capturing airborne carbon and pollutants
● Wildlife habitat
● Rain and sun protection for pedestrians
● Aesthetically pleasing environments and walkable neighbourhoods, streets & public spaces
● Capture rainwater  to reduce stormwater run-off  and minimise drainage infrastructure
● Increased property values

Greenspace projects by
Corkery Consulting