Village Green Turf



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About this organisation

Village Green® has been developed by Future Turf Pty Ltd, a company that develops and markets innovative technologies to the turf and horticultural sectors across Australia.

Village Green® is a highly versatile turfgrass suitable for sporting ovals, passive parks, business entry statements, public places, race tracks, golf courses, erosion control and home lawns.

Village Green needs far less water and nutrients than other lawn varieties, thanks to its massive root system, and being seedless, it won’t invade your garden beds. Village Green has a tight, dense cover that enables it to recover quickly from wear and tear and still maintain its wonderful deep green colour. Best of all, Village Green is winter active, so you can plant it in late autumn and save water, making it the perfect turfgrass in these waterwise times.

Why we support the vision

More green spaces improves the health and well being of individuals,  communities, and the environment. Plus with key issues of water usage and maintenance, which Village Green excels in, we can all work together to create smarter, more sustainable communities.