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About this organisation

Grow Together is a program which builds food gardens for community run childcare centres to benefit the community around it. Our mission is to work directly with locals to ensure the best environmental outcomes for the ACT through targeted education, information and practical application.

A significant part of our work is supporting the development of urban food gardens. We are currently working on two programs to create gardens in public space.

The first, our ecotherapy gardens project, has built a native garden with therapeutic spaces with and for the patients of a local mental health ward. We are now building food gardens at the same place. These gardens are used both by the patients, and by visitors to their and other wards at the hospital.

Why we support the vision

We recognise a healthy and vibrant community is much more able to take care of itself and its environment than a fragmented one. These green space projects help support better communities, encouraging them to nourish themselves and the environment as one, sustaining growth and knowledge into the future.

Greenspace projects by
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