City of Subiaco



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About this organisation

Parks and Environment Services is responsible for maintaining and developing the city's parks and reserves, public open space, streetscapes and landscape corridors. A responsibility which includes 30 parks and reserves, 3 water bodies, 16 tennis courts, sports fields, turf wickets, 114 kilometres of road reserves, 18 cul-de-sacs, 9 roundabouts, some 11,000 street trees, 60 ha of turf and 6.7 ha of landscaped garden beds.

The Environmental Projects team facilitates environmental improvements through citywide operations, participates in key State and Federal level environmental initiatives, researches as well as develops and coordinates environmental programs to promote community awareness and understanding of environmental sustainability.

Why we support the vision

This vision will help improve the growing urban forests we currently oversee. It will reduce the heat island effect and improve liveability within the city. Not only will this improve the environment for the people is Subiaco, it will help native species of flora and fauna be appreciated and nurtured for generations to come.