m2 To the vision

About this organisation

At Bupa we believe we can enable people to make positive changes to improve their health and protect our environment. 

This is why we have committed to our goals of keeping people well and supporting a healthy planet.

By 2015, we will have:

enabled 60 million people to make positive changes to be healthier and happier and to help protect the environment.

  • reduced our carbon footprint by 20%.

These aims are integral to our business approach and have been incorporated into our Bupa 2020 vision. We want to focus our energy and resources for the benefit of current and future customers and for all Australians. As such, our goals are now part of how we measure our success as an organisation and how we reward performance.

Why we support the vision

Our goals are ambitious and will require us to engage in new approaches and partnerships to go far beyond our current work and customers.  It is initiatives like 202020 here in Australia, and also other initiatives around the world, which will accelerate the positive impact on peoples’ health and the environment.