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About this organisation

For many years we have worked with clients to deliver 'high-performance projects' - projects that aren’t just environmentally sustainable but that also work to deliver broader financial and social benefits.
Through our work in the high-performance space we know that one of the easiest ways for buildings to have a positive social impact on its occupants is with plants. For example by incorporating plants into office environments, or green outlooks into hospitals, you stand to have a significant impact on people's productivity, health and wellbeing.

Why we support the vision

Brookfield Multiplex understands that green spaces can have a significant and positive impact on building occupants - whether it's by boosting productivity in an office environment, enabling quicker healing in a hospital or improving learning in a University.

The 202020 Vision aims to increase green space in indoor environments and will have a positive impact on people and help to create smarter, high-performance buildings.