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About this organisation

Pollen Studio is a Landscape Architecture and Public Art studio challenging the conventions of standard design practice. We apply regenerative processes to get to the core of projects with a focus on quality and sustainability central in all we do. We aim for Pollen projects to start as a seed, and evolve into self-sustaining, community-driven outcomes where the completion of the project is just the beginning. This project is an exemplar of this philosophy.

Why we support the vision

We are supportive of the 202020 Vision for many reasons, primarily for the support of having more green spaces within our cities.

By combining projects into a real-time growing green map, the 202020 Vision team of partners, advocates and projects, are creating a visual reminder of the contribution to sustainable cities that we at Pollen Studio support.We believe it is a constructive step in acknowledging that every park/tree/garden/herb-box helps in the bigger picture of greening our cities. By actively changing the mindset of ‘not in my backyard’ to ‘in my backyard’, the 202020 Vision is providing an opportunity for a solution of inclusion within our communities.

We at Pollen Studio live and work in our community and want to share our green space projects with our neighbours. By becoming a partner of the 202020 Vision we support a growing archive of shared knowledge between professionals and like-minded community members to ensure that the green continues to grow.