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About this organisation

At Pop Plant we hope to encourage and inspire city dwellers to green up small urban spaces and in doing so better the quality of their lives.

Last year we did a 'Grow Your Own Fresh Air' window installation at Incu clothing store, as part of the Sustainable Living Festival, in order to show people how to create cleaner and healthier air indoors with plants. We are currently doing a pop up shop at Paramount House Surry Hills, where we stock hardy and easy to care for indoor plants geared towards city dwellers.

Why we support the vision

We support 202020 Vision because we are share the idea that city spaces are in urgent need of greening up!

As we increasingly make cities our home, it is becoming more important than ever to incorporate natural elements into urban design. Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also vital in purifying and oxygenating the air making us generally happier and healthier. We would love to help make this 20% happen.