m2 To the vision

About this organisation is a group blog site of over 30 horticulture and media professionals committed to gardening and greening our planet, and helping others learn how they can do that too. Our love of all plants, from tiny mosses to towering trees, drives us to write, photograph, talk about and video the growing and nurturing of plants, from a few pots on the smallest balcony through to urban courtyards, suburban backyards and large parks.

Why we support the vision

The 202020 Vision describes what we all need to do - to think about what our cities should be like, then to imagine what's possible, and then to roll up our sleeves and just get on with making it happen. We support the 202020 Vision because it's about action and results, not just plans. We strongly believe that celebrating and sharing those successes through the 202020 Vision campaign will help and encourage others to do the same.