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About this organisation

Spackman Mossop Michaels (SMM) is a specialist firm of landscape architects and urban designers that focuses on the design and management of the public realm for public sector clients. We are committed to the exploration of innovative, site sensitive and ecologically driven design solutions to urban problems.

SMM have extensive experience in developing solutions for large and small scale projects with a strong ecological response within the existing urban context. Each of our project’s solutions expresses a response to the diversity and complexity inherent in the specific place and the problems being solved.

Our experience in developing green spaces includes;

  • Warragamba Dam Parklands
  • Redfern Park upgrade
  • Mt Annan Botanic Gardens
  • Devils Back Ridge
  • Cook and Phillip Park

Why we support the vision

SMM supports the 202020 vision as we believe that the vision is driven by the need for parks and spaces to both look at the ecological possibilities and the technical realities. SMM understand that there is a need to bring the two together in the development of hybrid urban systems that work with natural and cultural processes to create new urban ecologies.

Our support for the 202020 Vision is for a global understanding of the importance that green spaces have within the Urban Environment for not only ecological benefits but also the health benefits that occur.