Moreland City Council



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About this organisation

Moreland City Council are committed to improving our large open spaces, small pocket parks, creeks and waterways, and streetscapes. We seek to deliver projects that offer social and environmental benefits and can contribute to the economic viability of all our activity centres.

Some of our recently completed projects include, Justin Avenue Glenroy, Belair Avenue Glenroy, and Victoria Mall Coburg.

Why we support the vision

Moreland City Council recognises the value and opportunities of urban public spaces. Specifically to provide the community with an environment that contributes to their health and well being. With expected increases in population density and development in inner Melbourne urban public spaces are being more heavily relied on as a place to socialise, be active, work, and learn.

It is critical that local government can provide such spaces for the community whilst also achieving increased environmental benefits including storm water management, reduction in the urban heat island effect, and habitat links through urban areas.