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About this organisation

Fytogreen is Australia’s leader in sustainable vertical gardens, environmental extensive roof gardens, light-weight intensive roof gardens, green facades and planter boxes. Fytogreen are also the largest supplier to the roof garden industry in Australia with our unique roof garden system products.

Fytogreen's continuing success is largely due to our specialist technical know-how that has been developed over many years of collaboration between tertiary qualified staff, experts in the horticultural field, senior project managers and our extensive research and development team.  This combination of expertise provides our clients, architects, landscape architects and designers a broad interchange of experience that delivers cost effective, ecologically sustainable solutions for greening the built environment.

Why we support the vision

Fytogreen promotion of greening of cities is a fundamental marketing aspect for our core business. Being a researcher and supplier of vertical gardens and roof gardens the growth of awareness of this pioneering industry is key to our companies future. Since our research started in 2005 the amount of public awareness has grown exponentially and that encourages future projects.