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About this organisation

Hortiman is all about taking a love of plants and gardening and sharing it with the next generation of Australians. We have a thriving online community utilising social media where we show the latest garden trends, demonstrate how to care for plants, solve garden problems - all whilst having plenty of fun and generating lively discussions along the way.

As well as online we appear at many events across Australia. We love to speak on the benefits of plants as well as showing people clever and fun ways that they can include more of them in their lives, whatever their space.

Why we support the vision

We have a true love and appreciation for green space and it's role in making us healthier and happier, especially within our cities. Sadly in the eyes of some, plants only grow in spaces where nothing ‘more important’ yet exists. We need to act now to cement, though obviously not literally, it’s rightful place in our present and future urban environments.

202020 Vision encourages all players, both big and small, to take action and improve the plant/life balance of their spaces by 20% by 2020. Anything that leads to greener, healthier cities and suburbs is something we are firmly in support of.