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About this organisation

The way public spaces are designed and cared for reflects the value society places on its land and its people. At HASSELL, we understand that enduring urban environments are accomplished through a clear vision; one that appreciates the interplay between natural, social and functional components to the benefit of all inhabitants.

Our internationally awarded projects demonstrate our commitment to achieving dynamic, contextual and well-integrated public spaces that address sustainable design challenges. From research, planning, consultation and design, to delivery, monitoring and review; our design team works seamlessly to enable the symbiosis of natural and built elements.

HASSELL is proud to have played a pivotal role in some of Australia’s pioneering green infrastructure projects, and in the enrichment and rehabilitation of urban ecologies. Our practice is continuing this legacy; advancing and advocating sustainable development across all sectors through projects like the recently completed Burnley Living Roofs. This world-class research and education facility, designed in collaboration with The Melbourne University’s Green Infrastructure Research Group, is being used as a living forum to demonstrate how green transformations can be achieved in our cities.

Our shared and strategic approach, collaborating with clients, community and stakeholders maximises our collective potential to contribute to a sustainable urban future – one that thrives on the benefits of abundant green spaces.

Why we support the vision

HASSELL embraces the objectives of the 202020 Vision, and is firmly committed to delivering environmentally conscious design solutions that enable sustainable urban development in all of its forms.