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About this organisation

Urbis has a national network of vibrant design studios that collaborate and shape ideas to help deliver exceptional green outcomes.

Our unique multi-disciplinary workplace makes Urbis a market leader. Urban design, property economics, valuations, social planning and planning intersect with landscape architecture producing tangible benefits to our projects. Our ability to draw on the expertise of our in-house social planners, property and retail economists is a unique and valuable overlay we can offer to the design process. Landscape architects and urban designers work as one, forming an integrated design unit within Urbis.

At Urbis our approach to landscape architecture is outcome-based, deeply rooted in site memories, ecologies and cultural expression. Our design style for public spaces involves a layered approach uncovering the narrative or meaning of a place through experiential interpretation.

Why we support the vision

In all our work we deliver design solutions that reflect the highest level of design innovation, community values, sustainability and deliverability. The environments we create carry an emphasis on a bespoke sense of place and unique and memorable outcomes. Urbis’ microclimate responsive design and plant species selection ensures designs are sustainable while also offering a clear direction for urban landscapes.