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About this organisation

For over 35 years we have been providing services that make the workplace greener, healthier and more productive with our interior plantscaping and landscaping divisions. We provide this service to many thousands of clients Australia wide, ranging from small to large installations.

We are currently promoting green walls as a very effective space saving way to provide a greener environment, in both indoor and outdoor application. We have just completed a green wall in Melbourne for an American chain West Elm. The wall was approximately 4.8m high and 4.5 wide with some 1500 plants.

Why we support the vision

We support the 202020 Vision quite simply because a greener city, a greener work place and a greener home benefits the whole community. The increased productivity at work, reduction in stress levels and overall improvement in the quality of life makes this project essential.

There is a growing trend in the development of high density smaller residences - with less space dedicated for green plants. As an industry and society we owe it to humanity to improve our environment.