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About this organisation

Landscape Plus is a landscape services company based in Victoria. We are passionate and driven to create & construct green usable spaces.

We pride ourselves on our passion and enjoying what we do. We are lucky enough to be in the commercial construction sector and be the only trade that truly gives back to the environment.

To stand back and look at a accomplished landscape, is an amazing feeling.

Why we support the vision

We need to create more green spaces for the community, this 202020 approach is the right way of going about it. 202020 needs to be heard that this vision is the future. There is only so much mother nature will let us take without giving back.

We are a huge believer in getting back to our roots as a community, if these spaces are created people will come.

The more trees, shrubs, lawns the more sustainable this world will be for future generations.

202020 vision has Landscape Plus full support.

Greenspace projects by
Landscape Plus