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About this organisation

Reece Pty Ltd is mostly known as Australia’s leading supplier of Plumbing and Bathroom products. As the plumbing market has expanded and become more specialised so has Reece with thirty-four (34) specialised Irrigation outlets nationally providing quality products, irrigation designs and exceptional service.
Our branches and Design team work hand-in-hand with landscapers, councils, sportsgrounds and contractors with the majority of our irrigation businesses providing expertise in applying the correct amount of water to a landscape or open green space for healthy active growth.
Did you know 97% of water on the earth is saltwater, 3% being potable drinkable. Of this 3% only 1% is only accessible as the other 2% is captured within the ice caps.

Why we support the vision

Being involved in irrigation design for over 20 years the main ethos of any designer is to promote water, soil and energy conservation through efficient and cost effective irrigation system designs which adequately meet the client’s requirements. By supporting the 202020 Vision and using our irrigation knowledge in applying water in the most efficient manner in close conjunction with the specific water requirements of the plants. Social benefits can include mental health, physical health, safe playing areas, surfaces and socialising. Environmental benefits such as lower air temperatures, better air quality, plant-soil-water balance, conservative water use, pollution entrapment and less run-off due to over-watering. Economic benefits could include reduced maintenance costs, lower water cost, less time to manage irrigation sites.
Through good irrigation practices and attentive product selection, a 30%-50% water saving can be achieved on nearly all currently irrigated sites using conventional timers. This sudden availability of funds can lead to construction of more open spaces.