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About this organisation

Eco Biosystems is interested in green spaces that have direct and latent outcomes for society, economy and the environment. For instance urban green spaces could be integrated into both water sensitive urban design, bioresource production, biodiversity and urban food production. This means that urban green spaces could be more completely integrated into the mosaic of the urban metabolism and the fabric of society. 
While Eco Biosystems has not been directly involved in a project of this nature, we have been consulting, researching and project managing in an area with a similar ethos. For instance, one current project underway has the plan to augment aquaculture into municipal sewage treatment. This is similar to water sensitive urban design, in the way ecological knowledge is used to enhance and optimise an engineered process.

Why Eco Biosystems support the vision

The 202020 Vision is important for many reasons, the top reasons for support are as follows:
1.Increase biodiversity and reinstate engineered ecosystem processes into the urban environment

2.Increase green spaces for promotion of a culture of ecological interconnectedness

3. Decrease the urban heat island effect

4. Increase community health and well being                                 

5. Promote green tech or eco technology

6. Urban food production

With the careful design of integrated green spaces, it could be possible to provide aesthetics as well as various outcomes for environmental and community resilience.The most obvious example is urban food production, which could be undertaken by community groups or by new enterprising businesses. Green roofs, green walls, food forest parks, verge orchards could all be considered as urban green spaces. These could incorporate food production while simultaneously supporting urban biodiversity and bioresource recovery. This kind of integrated green space could have many flow on effects for energy conservation, carbon emissions reduction,and  green tech entrepreneurs and local business. We are so influenced by our urban spaces, and greening these spaces in our cities might just green our minds and make for a vibrant sustainable ecoculture.