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About this organisation

Tensile has been at the forefront of Green Facades since their inception in Australia. Peter Bottero has been a leader in the application of Green Facades on existing and new buildings and since 2007 has been integrating tensile cable systems with plants and building structures. Our biggest project to date is One Central Park in Sydney encompassing over 15km of cable and rod wrapped around the 34 & 16 storey buildings. Tensile developed an entirely new detail and facade system based upon wind tunnel studies conducted on our cables and the climbers, this was a first of its kind anywhere in the world. To date we have installed over 5000m sq of green facades across Australia and currently have a further 4000m sq at various stages of development across the South East Asia region.

Why we support the Vision

Our goal from the outset with Green Facades is to have them included in a project for more than aesthetic appeal. There is an enormous amount of benefit that can be gained by having the green facade act as another environmental system on the building and by doing so this will push the boundaries of what can be achieved and further the science into this new building element. Instead of window cleaners going down the face of our buildings we would rather see a horticulturalist! A green facade should not be seen as "green bling" on a "sustainable building" it should be accepted as another sustainable building system, like a particular curtain wall glazing or pre-fab facade.